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Cold Water Fishing Tips

With all this talk about the polar vortex coming and winter fast approaching, what should fishing enthusiasts now do? Most will abandon their lines for other interests, I on the other hand, with a bunch of fellow adventurous souls, will be braving the cold with our eye now on steelhead and salmon and yes, maybe […]

What You Need to Know About Bass Fishing

If you’re just getting started on bass fishing, understandably you want to get as much information as you can about the sport – where to fish, what baits to use, what to look for in picking out a rod and reel, etc. But, what you really need to know is bass fishing is a sport. […]

How Not To Get Bored While Fishing

For anyone who isn’t on the other end of the line, fishing is a slow, relaxing, calming activity with a payoff that can’t necessarily even be guaranteed. But trust me, it is an exciting and addictive endeavor—a sport, even, especially when you consider catching more challenging fish. Often though, I find myself arguing to others […]

Safety Tips for Non-Hunters During Hunting Season

Mention the words “Hunting Season” and safety isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind. But just because it’s the season for camos and rifles, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors if you’re not a hunter. Here are a few safety tips for non-hunters during hunting season: Learn the Season. There […]

5 Hunting Tips For Beginners

Loves the outdoors? Check. Want to get closer to nature? Definitely. So what’s next for your thrill-seeking, adventurous spirit? Hunting. But for most beginners, the idea of tracking a wild animal with a live weapon can seem very intimidating. So here’s a brief guide on how to get your foot in the (out)door. First things, […]

Top Essentials To Include In Your Tackle Box

Fishing enthusiasts tend to go overboard when they’re packing for a trip. A roll of spare line here, a selection of lures and bobbers there, boxes of hooks, baits, tools, some extra reels and before you know it, you’ll have a tackle box that weighs more than your biggest catch. Keep your fishing essentials down […]

Green Neck Tips: Preparing for a Day Hike

Hiking can be a fun adventure or terrible nightmare. The key is to know what you’re capable of, where you are going, how you will get there and what you need to bring. So here are a few tips for making the best out of your day hiking experiences. You can’t count on locating drinkable […]

Weightlifting Now a Merit Sport

We’re happy to introduce Olympic weightlifting as a new merit sport for SierraSportsmen! First, what’s Olympic Weightlifting? Olympic weightlifting is constituted of two movements; the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. In the snatch, a barbell is lifted from the ground to overhead position in a single easy move. In the Clean & Jerk, a […]

Better Fly Fishing Experience

Knots are arguably the most important part of fly fishing. Distinct knots can have a dramatic effect in the presentation, and motion of the flies. I believe that learning some of the basic fly fishing knots really can allow you to get more proficient at fly fishing quite quickly. The trick is to identify the […]

Tips for Surviving a Bear Attack Alone

Bears of of any type do not harbor a desire to attack individuals. We kill them much more often than they kill us, and numerous bears seem well aware of that ratio. When they do attack, it is typically out of necessity: when they are either starved or startled by humans The thought of a […]

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