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Tips for Surviving a Bear Attack Alone

Bears of of any type do not harbor a desire to attack individuals. We kill them much more often than they kill us, and numerous bears seem well aware of that ratio. When they do attack, it is typically out of necessity: when they are either starved or startled by humans The thought of a grizzly bear attacking has become the most terrifying thing you'll be able to envision when you're hiking or camping in the woods. This is for good reason; a grizzly strike would probably kill you or leave you severely maimed or scarred.
  1. Carry bear deterrent spray- Specialists urge that hikers in bear nation carry bear pepper spray on their persons at all times. UDAP bear pepper spray is a highly concentrated red pepper spray that makes a large cloud. This stuff will generally stop a grizzly quickly.
  2. Don't run - If you run, the bear presumes you're food and will begin chasing you, so stand your ground. And do not think for a second that you can out run a bear - they are actually quite fast. They can achieve ground speeds of up to 30 miles per hour - faster than Olympian Gold Sprinters!
  3. Go limp - Drop to the floor in the fetal position and cover the back of your neck with your hands. If you do not have pepper spray or the bear continues to charge even following the spray, that is your next greatest defense. Hit the ground instantly and curl into the fetal position.
  4. Play possum - Most bears will stop attacking when they feel there is no longer a threat present. If they think you're dead, they will likely move on. After the bear is satisfied chucking you about and leaves, continue to lie still: Bears aren't stupid and will wait around to see if their casualty is really dead or not.
The best method for avoiding a bear attack is to stop it before it happens. Firearms and bear spray in an easy-to-reach holster are must have pieces in areas that are habitat for bears. Ensure your spray specifically says "Bear" spray. Routine pepper sprays may not be as powerful. The unit should be EPA filed as this guarantees a quality merchandise. It should spray for at least 6 seconds, shoot at least 25 feet, and produce an orange colored cloud. If you do happen to be attacked by a bear; you'd need a lot of luck and some smarts to survive. You require the capacity to withstand severe pain, for another thing. A supercharged immune system is a vital variable as well. If first aid supplies are not accessible, you had require wisdom and accessibility to medicinal plants to stave off illness

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